Scaricare il driver per OKI C9200dxn

Dispositivi compatibili:
OKI C9200dxn   e altri 15
Sistemi operativi supportati:
  • 32bitWindows 98
  • 32bitWindows ME
I produttori di driver:
  • OKI
Tipo di driver:
  • OPUSBPorts
English C7000/C9000 Postscript Driver with Pantone Support Windows 95/98/ME Release with Pantone support. Note: Does not yet support C9200 series, driver can be "pushed" in a Network Environment
English C7000/C9000 Series PCL Driver Windows 95/98/ME driver now includes an improved installation procedure. Also, driver now contains individual "inf" file for improved installation across networks
Windows 2000 Logo Certified Driver Printer Driver. This release does not contain the Status Monitor
Windows NT 4.0 English Release
Production Release - Windows 2000 Logo Certified Driver
English Windows 2000 Initial Release